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What is Miniature Painting?

Miniature Painting

What is Miniature Painting?

A special handicraft of Isfahan is miniature. It is possible to see a variety of paintings which are a nice symbol of handmade art of this city. A lot of people buy this miniature painting of Isfahan as a decorative item in their home or office to transfer the great feeling of belongingness to art and refreshment of soul.

Miniature painting is one of the unique arts which has a lot of fans all over the world. This fabulous handmade art illustrates various stories about the past of Iran in the form of art. It is possible to see a variety of simple or complex structures for different tastes, such as miniature painting of bird and flower, portrait, tree and girl.

Miniature Painting

Miniature Painting

Moreover, it is suggested to buy a miniature painting as a handmade artifact for your personal usage or as a memorable gift. A miniature painting of Isfahan can double the beauty of a handicraft when is done on it. Master Farshchian has the most attractive Iranian miniature paintings which can be bought for different purposes.


This art of Isfahan is a well-known artistic style of Iran which is popular among different people. Miniature has always been of great importance for long years because it is the mixture of long-lasting Iranian art and other elements of some Asian cultures, so its beauty is undeniable.

اپلیکیشن صنایع دستی

You can see various designs and styles of this art at the market and select your favorite piece of art. In addition, miniature is called the art of illustrating imagination and thought of a person based on available items and elements in the nature.

The professional master of this arts makes an effort to represent his or her imaginations and natural items in a painting.


Miniature has a variety of styles and the best one is the miniature painting of Farshchian because it has special principles.

Some people wrongly believe that miniature is a small-sized handmade art but it actually is the illustration of a large natural view in a low-scaled view to show the beauty and originality of a design.

Miniature Painting

Miniature Painting

Moreover, professional masters of this art try to be inspired by national heroes, beliefs and history of Iran in creating their attractive handmade art.

Handicrafts have always had of high value in different eras and have attracted the attention of a lot of people who are keen on art. Isfahan, Tabriz and Qazvin are pioneers of miniature painting which have produced various a variety of handmade products.

پیج صنایع دستی ایرانی در شبکه های اجتماعی

Persian miniature

Interestingly, this artifact of Isfahan is a tool to introduce different cultures. There are a lot of workshops to teach how to paint this fabulous handicraft. Miniature painting has intrigued different artists and tourists to travel to Isfahan to see this eye-catching beauty.

This art has a long story in the history of Isfahan and it is changed to a resistant style which is one of the reasons why this handmade artifact is survived and still has numerous fans.

Designing Iranian Miniature

A wide range of ways to design and create miniature of Isfahan are remained from the past which is common among all artists.

Contemporary masters of this art generally mix miniature painting of past with modern inspiring designs to make astonishing pieces of art which can distinguish the miniature of Isfahan from other similar products.There are three main ways to design a miniature painting handicraft in Isfahan.

Miniature Painting

Miniature Painting

• Colorful Miniature: some parts of a miniature painting are colored while the background is white to have a glorious view. The colors are not solely considered in this style because they should be painted and be in harmony with popular miniature paints to have a glorious look.
• Colorless Miniature: colorful brushed are not used in this style. It is also famous as “Black and White Miniature” because of lack of special colors in this style. Some creative masters of this art use blue, brown or red instead of black in a light-colored background.

• White-Colored Miniature: white color is used to draw different designs on a black or dark background. Most books with dark covers are painted by this art. Some artists take advantage of gold or light colors next to white to make a magnificent piece of art.

Purchasing Miniature of Isfahan

All miniature products of Isfahan have a high quality and originality which is one of the distinctive features of this art. Nowadays, people are more interested in this handicraft so its sale is increased and it is more accessible. Therefore, those people who are keen on having such a great piece of art at their home or office can visit reliable stores and galleries to purchase their favorite handmade art.

Additionally, the value of such a painting is high both financially and morally, so it can be a good suggestion for investing money on something valuable and you can be sure of its quality and originality.

If you are in doubt for buying this handmade art of Isfahan, you can visit a reliable handicrafts store, compare prices and choose your favorite artwork with the best quality based on your taste and budget. It is possible to design your location with one of these glorious paintings and bring a great sense of beauty to your place.

Moreover, this handmade art of Isfahan is sometimes selected as a nice promotional gift for different companies and organizations which want to stick their brand or logo on this product to improve marketing or appreciate their managers’ help and support.

Miniature Painting

Miniature Painting


Miniature painting is one of the attractive handicrafts of Iran which can be a symbol of Iranian culture. A variety of artistic, national and religious elements can be seen in this art.

Furthermore, different artists of this art take advantage of it in creating beautiful and delicate designs to attract the attention of people who are interested in this valuable art.

The art of miniature is established based on the professional painting which is combined with other handicrafts of Iran to have a unique piece of art.

Iranian Miniature

These days, by the advent of technology and some challenges in busy routine life, people tend to experience online shopping. BazareMina online Market is a place where you can see a variety of miniature paintings to compare and select.

Also, there is no need to waste a lot of time, money and energy looking for your favorite handicraft because you can simply find your most suitable one based on your taste and budget without being in a difficult situation.

This art of miniature is taken from two English words of Minimum and Nature. The former means small, elementary and delicate while the latter refers to green areas and wild life. The mixture of these two words represents the illustration of beauty in a small-scaled view which has all details. Therefore, it does not portray a small part of a big and general view.

Moreover, there are two types of colors in a miniature painting. Firstly, mental colors which can show feelings and emotions of people with different delicate designs to refer to inner side of human. Secondly, physical colors in Iranian paintings which have higher density and resistance.

These colors illustrate every kind of feeling which is in contrast with delicate emotions of human. All in all, this harmony between the colors and designs makes an enthralling piece of art which can be kept for long years.

Popularity of Miniature

Miniature painting is one of the most beautiful and luxurious handicrafts of Iran, especially Isfahan. This handmade artwork has a variety of designs which tell a story about an event. Furthermore, all details can be seen in such a painting that shows the high level of competency of an artist.

All people who are interested in this art are aware of its originality and history so they want to have it in their home or office decoration. In addition, the combination of miniature with other pieces of art such as KhatamKari, MinaKari or enameled and toreutics shows it high value and popularity.

This fantastic art of miniature dates back to centuries ago when creative artists and painters tried hard to make a special heritage for their next generations. Miniature painting is created by thin and fine brushes to have nice designs of bird, flower and portrait.

There are some nice drawings of kings and their lifestyle which show the past history of Iran. All these designs are the illustration of past for next generations who want to know something about ancient eras.

The Beauty of Miniature

If you take a look at miniature painting of Isfahan, you will surely be intrigued in its beauty. This fabulous handmade art introduces an eye-catching view of nature, animals, places and people which are great symbols of life and freshness. Additionally, professional mixture of colors in a miniature painting gives a special feeling to the viewer.

All designs are inspired from human’s emotions so that is why people are into it.

Moreover, particular designs with neutral, white, light blue and silver colors are usually considered to transfer the idea of cleanliness and simplicity.As BazareMina online Market pays a close attention to offer high-quality and original products,

forgery products are not considered in the list of this reliable handicrafts store so you can purchase your most attractive products, including a miniature painting, with the best quality at this store. Additionally, you can get good discount if you have a wholesale shopping.

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