All about Persian Handicrafts

A lot of people around the world are keen on buying Persian handicrafts. Among all, handicrafts of Isfahan are more famous because they are made by art and love of professional masters. Some of these handicrafts are MinaKari (enameled) of Isfahan, Firoozeh Koobi (turquoise), Khatam Kari of Isfahan, Filigree of Isfahan, Termeh of Isfahan, and Termeh of Yazd.BazareMina is an Online Persian Handicrafts and Souvenir Store.Iranian handicrafts are handicraft works and the Best Souvenirs originating from Iran.

Persian Handicrafts

Art of a region is one of the most influential criteria to evaluate its culture. From years ago, people who lived in Iran have made different products by their art ranging from different clothes to decorative tools. Religious mosques and domes are made by nice colorful tiles which can change the mood of every person who looks at it. Persian handicrafts are not only popular in Iran but also around the world. People with various cultures living in different regions are interested to know more about Persian handicrafts. Most cities of Iran have their special handmade products which can be made of the available materials in that location. Also, people make handicrafts based on their needs; so a huge number of handicrafts are produced in every area.

Handicrafts of Isfahan

Handicrafts of Isfahan are famous all around the world. Among all cities of Iran as a historical country, Isfahan is a traditional place with a lot of memorable places and souvenirs. Great monuments of Isfahan combined with its art and history make this city a cornerstone in this field. When you go walking in Naghsh-E-Jahan Square located in Isfahan, you will see a variety of handicrafts which are made by hands of professional masters of this city. Handicrafts of Isfahan remind you of beautiful monuments in this city which have a long history. Kings of Isfahan, especially in Safavid Era, respected to art and tried to flourish the culture which resulted in making more handcrafts of Isfahan and building historical constructions. Masters of Isfahan are skillful enough to create pieces of art which have been memorable during years. Some well-known Persian handicrafts, especially handicrafts of Isfahan are listed below.

Mina Kari of Isfahan

Mina Kari (enameled) of Isfahan is one of the traditional arts of Isfahan which has a lot of fans. Mina Kari (enameled) of Isfahan can be made on brass, silver, gold and copper. The most popular one is usually made of copper because its price will be more affordable and the colors will look nicer. Different Persian designs and motifs are painted on a copper dish by Mina colors; then it will be kept in the furnace with high temperature of 600 to 800 degrees centigrade to be heated enough to keep the colors stable and give a shiny look to the product. Mina Kari (enameled) of Isfahan can be done in different workshops with a supervision of master of this field. Fresh and light colors of this art will transfer calmness and happiness both to those who make this masterpiece and to those who look at it.

Firoozeh Koobi

Firoozeh Koobi (turquoise) is a magnificent handicraft of Isfahan. Its materials are copper and turquoise stones. High quality copper products are considered for making nice handcrafts of Isfahan; then original turquoise stones are stuck on it to make a beautiful piece of art. By looking at every Firoozeh Koobi (turquoise) handicraft, a feeling of relaxation is transferred because it seems like the sky. Great colors of turquoise stones make every copper dish fabulous. Buying Firoozeh Koobi (turquoise) mirror and candlesticks are popular among those who want to get married. Furthermore, some other products made of this art; such as sugar pot, fruit dish, and sweet dish can be kept in every house as a decorative tool or a practical one to attract the attention of every viewer.

Khatam Kari of Isfahan

Khatam Kari of Isfahan is one of the Persian handicrafts which is popular in different cities of Iran. You can use every product made of this art for formal and informal decorations. If you work in an office, you can buy a set of desk items; including a pen holder, a box and other necessary things on the desk in your office. You can also buy a tissue box or other similar products made of Khatam Kari of Isfahan at home. This excellent art is made of Khatam, wood and brass which are put next to each other to make triangle shapes. The smaller and closer the triangles are, the higher is its price and quality. There are a lot of products of Khatam Kari of Isfahan which can be bought based on your taste and budget.

Filigree of Isfahan

Filigree of Isfahan is usually considered as a luxurious handicraft. It was previously made of gold or silver, but by the increasing price of gold and silver, masters of Isfahan use copper to make different handicrafts. Narrow strips of copper are put next to each other to produce nice shapes. They stick together and are heated, after that a silver coating covers the product to make a better look and be resistant. You should protect these products because if you keep them away from water and humidity, you can have them for a longer time. Filigree of Isfahan can be seen in every house because women are interested to use these products to host their guests or to decorate their showcases.

Termeh of Isfahan

Termeh of Isfahan is taken from that in Yazd. Then another lining cloth is sewed to Termeh of Yazd with different golden and silver colors to make it stronger; therefore, its real size may be changed for some centimeters. Zarbaf and Termeh weaving techniques are used to make the best Termeh. Different colors of red, green, brown and blue are the main colors of Termemh of Isfahan.

Termeh of Yazd

Termeh of Yazd is one of the great Persian handicrafts, which has some different products. This cloth can be used as a scarf, tablecloth, praying mat, and garment. A lot of people consider this luxurious cloth as a gift to their loved ones. Termeh of Yazd has various colors. The more the colors and the wider the trims, the higher will be the value of the cloth. Termeh of Yazd has some special brands and the most famous ones are Hashemi, Rezaei and Hosseini. It will be a nice trip to visit Termeh workshops in Yazd to realize the level of beauty and art of professional masters of Yazd.