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Silver of Isfahan is the Best Persian handicraft

isfahan silver

Silver of Isfahan

Isfahan silver is one of the fantastic and memorable artworks of this traditional city which has a lot of fans all over the world. Buying silver is one of the attractive things which can be done in Isfahan because it is a great handicraft of this city.

You can use it for various purposes at your home or you can consider it as a gift to others. Silver has both moral and financial values which can attract the attention of every viewer.

Silver of Isfahan

isfahan silver

isfahan silver

Silver of Iran, especially Isfahan, has a long history in different parts of the world and has attracted the attention of a lot of people. Iranian people are the first people who got familiar with metals and started metal working. Archaeological studies show that people made metal devices many years ago in Iran.

Achaemenid Era is the flourishing time of metals in Ancient Iran. During Sassanid Era, a lot of great metal works were made which got the appreciation of all people. All metal works are the symbol of development during history.

Isfahan has had the greatest place in the art of silver making as a great handicraft. A lot of ancient products made of silver are found by archaeological investigations which date back to long years ago.

Silver is a kind of metal which can be found purely in the nature similar to gold and copper but the highest amount of silver is excavated from mines. There is a lot of silverware made in the past which belong to Ancient Iran. Sassanid Era was the time of flourishing silver in Iranian history.

Silver of Isfahan

isfahan silver

Silver Jewelry

Fame of Silver in Isfahan

Silver jewelry is considered as a special handicraft and souvenir which has attracted the attention of a lot of people for long years. Isfahan is the center of silverware and all people who travel to this city by a piece of silver from handicrafts stores of this city.

It has an expensive price with a white and shiny look that gets the attention of every viewer and makes people interested in buying it. There are a lot of stores in Isfahan and you can find a variety of them when you walk in the streets.

These days, by the development of technology numerous online markets sell souvenirs and handicrafts of Isfahan. You can experience online shopping for buying your favorite silverware, as a handicraft of Isfahan, with the best price. You can also have your package at your address in the shortest possible time.

There are a lot of workshops under the supervision of professional masters of this industry who train the younger generations to be professional masters. Furthermore, people who work in this field have a vital role in the development of the economy and transfer Iranian traditional art and culture which is inherited from previous generation. Therefore, it is our duty to take a good care of this handicraft and transfer it to the next generations.

Jewellery Silver Sets

Steps to Make Silverware

Jewellery silver sets are among the popular and magnificent products made of silver because they transfer a great sense of beauty and can be set with a variety of clothing styles. When the carat of silver is calculated, it is ready to be shaped in the desired form. The following methods can be selected to make a silver product:
• Hammering: it is a method which requires a hammer as the main tool to make a silver product. Hammer is used to shape the silver sheets.
• Bending: one of the other methods to make silverware is to coat silver on special molds to get the shape of the mold; after that it should be taken away from the mold.
• Casting: production of these dishes is done by some molds made of silver, brass and aluminum. Melted silver is put in the mold and the extra parts are rubbed.
• Pressing: a mold and a pressing machine are used to shape silver to the desired form; then the dish is shined.

Silver of Isfahan

isfahan silver

isfahan silver

Two popular methods to make silverware are bending and pressing because there are more skillful masters in this field. Silverware handicrafts of Isfahan are famous among people who live in Iran and other countries.

It may be really expensive to buy a lot of silver products at the same time, so most people tend to buy a single dish regularly when they go shopping to save their money. Buying silverware is a kind of investment because its value will be increased by passing time and you can take advantage of its beauty next to its financial value.

Best Isfahan Silver

Silver jewelry half set is a nice option for women who want to be glorious at a party and a special ceremony because its nice colors can be easily set with different clothes. Silver dishes are one of the great handicrafts of Isfahan because of the beauty and attractiveness of the products.

Although the price of this metal is high, a lot of people are interested to have original silverware. There are numerous products made with this art and the most popular ones are listed below:

• Silver sets: a lot of women are interested to wear jewelry sets, especially engraving silver sets which include earrings, necklace and ring. It is also possible to buy bracelets made of this metal.
• Silver dishes: some people prefer to serve their guests in these dishes and some other ones like to decorate their showcase with a variety of dishes of vase, sweet dish (kashkool), fruit dish, nuts dish, sugar pot and a lot of other products.

Usage of Silverware
Silver handicrafts of Isfahan can be considered for different purposes because of their applications. There are two purposes for using silverware:

• Decorative purpose: it can be a fantastic collection to put silver dishes in a showcase at your home because it brings the sense of luxury and beauty.
• Practical purpose: you can host your guests in silver dishes at special parties and ceremonies to transfer the great feeling of amazement and have a nice harmony of colors with the food served in them.

Iranian Handicraft

Iranian handicraft has numerous fans from various nationalities because art lovers are interested in unique and fabulous products to enjoy their beauty.

If you decide to buy silver products of Isfahan, you can think of its application. Firstly, you can buy silverware products for your personal usage with decorative or practical purposes.

Secondly, it is possible to select a silver product as a gift to your loved ones. There are flowers made of silver in the market which can be bought individually or in a frame to be known as a luxurious gift.

Also, other options such as a vase or a sweet dish can have a higher financial value. Some couples buy a set of mirror and candlesticks for their wedding day because they believe that this set will bring luck and happiness to start life.

Silver of Isfahan

isfahan silver

Buying Silver

Using silver has been common from past and due to its flexibility; it is generally used to make coin, ornamental dishes, industry and jewelry. Some people sell pure silver with a carat of 999 but it cannot be true because it is smooth and cannot have the shape.

Therefore, brass or copper is added to silver to make its carat to 925 to be used for making jewelry sets. Sterling silver is mainly used to make jewelry sets because it has a higher level of hammering to be more stable and stronger.

There are a lot of products made of silver of Isfahan and one of the most popular ones is the engraving silver set with various designs which can be set with a variety of formal and informal clothes. As this engraving set is made of silver, a lot of women are keen on wearing it to be glorious at a party or a special ceremony.

In order to make silver sets, a layer of rhodium or gold covers it to be shiny. As oxidation of this metal happens because of the acidic sweat of the body, it will be dark by being exposed to the open area.

Silver helps body against infection and purifies the body. It has a white color itself and the change in its color means the reduction of brightness of the silverware.

How to Preserve Silver Sets

Some tips which can help you protect various silverware especially engraving sets are mentioned below:

• You should keep your silver engraving set away from perfume. It means you should wear perfume; then wear your silverware set.
• It should be mentioned that silverware should be cleaned after each use to be clean of dirt and fat.
• You can buy a silver washing solution from a silver store and clean the product with it and a cloth.
• It is suggested to give your silverware to special experts to coat it to get its shininess back.

All these tips can be helpful but the best thing to prevent darkening of silver sets is to clean them with a cloth after each time that you use it.

Silver of Isfahan

isfahan silver

How to Preserve Silver Dishes

All mentioned tips are related to protection of engraving silver sets but you can consider them for other dishes because the color of all silverware is changed by being exposed to the open air, so you have to be careful of it by the following tips:

• You can rub toothpaste with your fingers or a soft cloth on dark and opaque parts of silver to make it bright.
• It can be recommended to clean the dish with a sponge. You can pour some water on it to be wet; then rub it softly on the surface of the dish.
• You have to remember keeping silverware dry to avoid any darkness.
• You need to keep these dishes away from acid because it results in a color change. As a result, you should not serve acid foods on these dishes. If you use silver dishes to serve eggs and sauce, you have to wash it quickly with warm water and soap.
• It is suggested not to put sharp things such as knife or fork in these dishes because it can damage the dish and reduces its longevity.

Some old people believe that if you want to keep your silverware bright and shiny, you have to use it regularly. Some other people hide their dishes and use them in special occasions which results in darkness of products. One of the great ways which can help you have a shiny silver dish is stated:

• Put aluminum sheet in a big dish and put its shiny part to the top.
• Put dark silver dish on aluminum sheet and fill it with boiling water.
• Add some salt to it.
• Repeat these steps for two or three times.
• Wash the dish with warm water and soap after cleaning it.

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