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The Trophy Handicraft is a memorable gift

Trophy Handicraft

Memento Design

Trophy handicraft is a great piece of artwork which can be given to others as a special promotional gift to people who work at a company or organization. A trophy is among various promotional gifts which can be considered as a gift to remember important people in your business.

 This beautiful handmade art is made of some products which are popular in different parts of the world. This memento design is professionally made in Isfahan as the center or art and culture.

General Description of a Trophy

If you are a manager who has a business with some employees or if you are a person who works in a company, you have the experience of buying or getting promotional products. Various companies and business owners think of a gift to remember all efforts and time their staff spent at work.

 One of the options which is usually considered for this purpose is a Persian Handicrafts to remind people of the beauty of memento designs. A trophy is one of the special promotional products which has a lot of fans.

Trophy Handicraft

Trophy Handicrafts

It can be selected by a chief executive director as a fabulous option to be given to the employees because of some reasons. Firstly, it is a kind of economic gift; it means you can have a discount when you have a wholesale shopping of these promotional products.

 Secondly, buying handmade arts of Iran transfers a great sense of belongingness which promotes the dependence on the development of the country.

Thirdly, people who receive a memento design as a gift to remember the business can have something whose value is increased by passing time. As a result, all these points encourage the managers to consider handmade arts as their promotional products or to appreciate their staff in different seminars and conferences.

Various Types of a Trophy

Memento design can be considered as a reasonable option for the personnel in an organization. This design is a fabulous choice for everyone who is looking for the best promotional gifts. A trophy is usually considered as a type of gift with its various designs and purposes. You can put it at your table or showcase and enjoy its beauty as a kind of decorative item.

In addition, you can use some types which have a pen holder or a clock to take advantage of it for putting your pen in the pen holder or checking the time with its clock.

Some designs also have a holy verse of Quran which is really valuable to Muslims because they believe that it can keep them away from danger and bring them great luck which can be really positive and energetic to them.

Trophy Handicraft

Trophy Handicrafts

There are a lot of other options to give a trophy as a handmade art. For example, you can have your trophy with a plate or vase standing on it. You can have an option to choose the material of this product.

It means there are some products made of some materials such as Minakari (enameled), Khatam Kari, and Copper and Pardaz on a wooden stand which can be simple, grid or in a special design. As a result, the differences in the designs of a trophy can give you a better selection of what you prefer.

Buying a Trophy Made of a Minakari Product

Handmade art of Iran is known all over the world because of its beauty and delicacy. You can have a big variety of options from various cities in this country because all of these arts are unique. One of the materials which is used to make a product on a trophy is Minakari or enameled which is one of the popular handmade arts with the most reasonable price.

Minakari is among the most beautiful handicrafts of Isfahan which has a lot of fans. Fabulous paintings and designs are generally made on copper to make a great piece of art.

Different products of this handmade art are vase, plate, fruit dish, sugar pot, sweet dish and a lot of other things. Among all, vase and plate are the most suitable ones to be put on a trophy. They can also have different sizes to be the greatest option for being stood on a memento design.

Some steps should be passed in order to make a Minakari (enameled) handicraft.

• A professional master shapes copper.
• The copper dish is covered with a white glaze.
• The dish should be put in a hot furnace.
• The dish will be covered with a glaze for three times.
• Mina colors are used to paint and design the dishes.
• The dish should be put in the furnace to have stable colors.

Trophy Handicraft

Trophy Handicrafts

Promotional Products

Promotional products are the most important option which is needed for annual conferences and seminars in a company. The managers can select these products to thank their staff or introduce their business.

A variety of shades in different colors such as blue, green, red, black, brown and yellow are used to make the colors of the dish. If you want to preserve a Minakari dish for a long time, you need to pay attention to some points:

• It is better not to wash this handmade art with strong detergents, only water will suffice.
• It should be taken away from hit and pressure.
• It is advisable to use a wet cloth to clean the product.

Buying a Trophy Made of a Khatam Kari Product
One of the other special handmade arts which is used to make a product on a trophy is Khatam Kari. It is a traditional gift to remember your family members and friends or make a memorable image of your character.

A popular handmade art to be put on promotional gifts is a vase made of Khatam in different colors and sizes. Making this handicraft needs concentration and attention to create an eye-catching product.

These steps should be passed to make a Khatam Kari handicraft:

Trophy Handicraft

Trophy Handicrafts

Trophy Crafts

Trophy crafts are one of the most well-known items which can be found in a market because of its reasonable price. Also, you can get a good discount by having a wholesale shopping of them.

• Some colorful woods are selected and cut into narrow strips to make triangles.
• Wood, brass and camel’s bone are put next to each other and be glued to make a design.
• The designs are pressed with a machine to be fixed.
• The final product is grinded and polished.

Keeping Khatam Kari products is not difficult if you keep it away from hit and clean it with a wet cloth to be dry soon. The other material used to make a handmade art is Copper and Pardaz which is made similar to Minakari ones with some different designs to put the colors and designs stable.

Benefits of Buying a Memento Design

Annual conferences and seminars hold in various companies and organizations is a great chance to appreciate the staff. Managers and chief executive directors of each company select this day to give a gift to remember the employees and show their thankfulness toward the time, effort and energy the personnel spend to improve the job quality.

A trophy is usually considered for this purpose because of its really reasonable price when it is bought in bulk. This handmade art is a sample for being used as one of the promotional products to advertise and introduce the business to the other attendees in a particular meeting.

Trophy Handicraft

Trophy Handicraft

Handicraft Promotional Gifts

Handicraft promotional gifts are a favorite product for all business owners who want to appreciate their staff or make their business well-known. As the trophy products have different designs, they can be considered for a variety of purposes. Your wide selection of products can let you choose the best item according to your budget, taste and preference.

This memento design has a body and stand which is made of wood or sometimes metal. Another product which is made of Minakari, Khatam Kari, Filigree, and Copper and Pardaz is put on its stand.

This product is mainly a plate or a vase which can be accompanied by a clock, pen holder, a special design or a religious verse of Quran. Some of the products have a glass bubble which takes the trophy away from dust. Various designs are also made for special occasions such as Teachers’ Day to appreciate teachers’ help and support.

Reasons for Buying Promotional Products

Some trophies have a grid board on their stands which are made of thin fiber to make a glorious style. Furthermore, there is a space on the stand which can be used for sticking the name of the company, the name of the conference, date, manager’s name or some other purposes.

To aim this goal, you need to order everything which you like to be written on a golden label put on the stand in advance. When you have a wholesale shopping of your product, you can have a good discount.

Buying this fantastic handmade art of Isfahan is an investment on your money because its price will be increased by passing time. In addition, you have an important role on the development of the economy. Firstly, you can help other nations be familiar with traditional arts of a region.

Secondly, by the increasing number of exporting and importing these promotional gifts from Iran to other countries around the world, more people are employed in this field in both Iran and the destination which can help people make a living in this way.

Thirdly, there is no exact price for the work and art spent during making a handicraft, so its value will be increased morally and financially. Fourthly, as all memento designs are handmade arts which are chosen for promotional gifts, you can be sure of the quality and the originality of the products.

Trophy Handicraft

Trophy Handicrafts

How to Buy a Handmade Art

If you need one of the attractive promotional products to introduce your business to the managers of the other companies or you want to give your staff a memorable handmade art, a trophy is the best option. You can have it in various designs and materials.

There are some types which can be ordered based on its practicality, your budget and the number of items you want to buy. Minakari, Khatam Kari, filigree, and Copper and Pardaz are the most favorite types of products which are put on the stand of a trophy with grid and simple wooden patterns.

Nowadays, receiving handicrafts is a gift to remember others because of their generosity and incredible taste, so a lot of people spend their time walking in the handicrafts malls and stores to find a suitable gift for their friends, colleagues and family members.

It is recommended to find a reliable online handicrafts store which sells high quality products made of the best materials and experience online shopping.

Therefore, you can have a better comparison of the products and see various types of a handmade art to find the most reasonable and suitable item based on your need, budget and interest. A trophy is usually known as a great option for promotional products.

It is possible to have a Minakari trophy, a Khatamkari trophy or a Copper and Pardaz trophy. There is also a combination of a trophy with some other items such as a clock, vase, pen holder and plate.

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