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Minakari Earthenware Products

Minakari Earthenware

Handmade earthenware minakari

Minakari earthenware is originated from Minakari art but it is not made on copper. It is popular to make them in some cities such as Isfahan and Lalejin. You can have a nice collection of these dishes in your showcase. Minakari (enameled) earthenware products are fabulous artworks made in Isfahan and Hamedan which have a lot of art lovers.

Pottery MinaKari dishes can be used for ornamental and practical uses at home or office but more care and attention should be paid to preserve them for a long time.

Introduction of MinaKari Pottery Products

One of the popular arts of Iran is pottery which is mixed with MinaKari (enameled). Making various Minakari (enameled) earthenware products is an attractive activity for people who want to work in an amazing field which is related to art and beauty.

Minakari Earthenware Products

Minakari Earthenware Products

Pottery is an art which was famous from many years ago and people made a variety of devices for different purposes. By passing time and increasing the interest of people to the beauty of things around them, MinaKari (enameled) was used to design the products to make a nicer view.

Different kinds of products were produced based on the people’s needs, which were considered as great Persian Handicrafts because they were made by hands and no machinery was used to produce them.

Minakari Earthenware Products

Minakari earthenware products which are also known as enameled pottery dishes have a various collection. Although these dishes are really delicate and easy to break, they are colorful and full of admiring designs.

Minakari Earthenware Products

Minakari Earthenware Products

You can enjoy having a MinaKari earthenware bowl or a Minakari pottery plate in your showcase to make it more beautiful and create an eye-catching harmony with other dishes. Some other products of this handmade art are an enameled pottery vase and a sugar pot of Minakari earthenware.

Isfahan and Lalejin in Hamdean are two famous places to make this fabulous art. This art has high levels of design which can be used as a home job for those who are interested to work at their homes and make money. Dishes of MinaKari (enameled) pottery can be used for practical and ornamental purposes.

If you have a good place for selling these products and a good number of customers, the job of making earthenware products can be a well-paid job for you. There are a lot of training courses for interested people who can attend to learn something as an art and job.

Enamel Pottery


Enamel pottery is known in different parts of Iran and abroad because great designs are made on the dish which can be kept for a long time. In order to make a product of Minakari (enameled) earthenware, some devices are required which are listed below:

• A pottery dish
• Gouache
• Water
• Various brushes
• Wood glue
• Polyester spray
• Soft emery
• Carbon paper
• Pencil

Pottery is one of the most traditional artworks made many years ago. Pottery dishes from ancient era found in various historical excavations are considered as the most important thing.

Human made different products out of clay and water to make a living, pass the first-level needs and produce an artwork. MinaKari (enameled) earthenware products are made at the moment in a number of workshops under the supervision of professional masters.

Minakari Earthenware Products

Minakari Earthenware Products

Handmade Earthenware Minakari

Steps of Making Minakari Earthenware Dishes

Handmade earthenware Minakari is a famous art in Iran which has its fans who like to buy it to decorate their homes or to use them for practical purposes. The following steps should be passed to make a MinaKari (enameled) earthenware products. There are two ways to make this art. The first way is mentioned below:

• The pottery dish should be smoothed with soft emery.
• Mix wood glue and water to be diluted
• Run the solution on the dish with a brush
• Wait to make wood glue dry
• Draw a design on the dish with carbon paper to have a tidy design, or draw some pieces of design in a repetitive way
• Mix gouache and water and start painting
• Wait to make the Mina designs dry
• Spray the polyester on the dish in an open area
• Put the dish in an open area away from dust

The second way has the following steps:

• Make the pottery dish smooth with soft emery
• Use stencil on the dish to make a symmetrical design with special ink
• Use niello to make the design and lines on the dish
• Coating colors are pumped on the designs of the dish via its needle
• The dish will be sent to the furnace to be water-resistant and shiny.

Persian Enamel on Pottery


Persian enamel on pottery is a magnificent piece of art. Nice designs and patterns are drawn on a pottery dish with attractive colors to get the attention of all viewers. In order to have an attractive and beautiful Minakari (enameled) pottery product, reading these tips can be helpful:

• Every pottery dish, such as a simple vase, can be selected for this purpose.
• If the dish is not smooth after using wood glue, it is suggested to make it smooth by emery because it can let you have a soft foundation to have a better painting.
• It depends on you to select Minakari (enameled) designs which are arabesque, paisley, or flower and bird.
• Water can be used to clean some parts which are painted in a wrong way.
• Your hand should be in a 30 centimeter distance to have a uniform style when you want to spray.
• When the emery stage is finished, clean the dust on the dish with cloth.
• It is possible to draw various designs on the dish, so there is no restriction.
• It is advisable to use polyester spray to avoid destroying colors and make the dish bright.
• If the dish (such as a vase) is going to be used, you can spray polyester and use wood glue to avoid damaging it.

Minakari Earthenware Products

Minakari Earthenware Products

Benefits and Drawbacks

One of the advantages of MinaKari (enameled) earthenware products is the ability of the artist to use various designs and colors, so there is no limitation to make this product.

The most important drawback of Minakari (enameled) pottery dishes is the delicacy of the materials which results in the broken nature of this product. Also, transportation of these products can be difficult because it needs more care and attention.

Handmade Pottery

Handmade pottery has been a traditional art in Iran which has its followers. People usually use the dishes made with this art to decorate their showcases.

Nice combination of pottery and MinaKari (enameled) produces a great handicraft which results in the development of art and industry because a lot of people have worked in this field for long years based on their interest and taste to make special and unique designs. These products can be used to decorate the showcase of every home and office.

Products of MinaKari Earthenware

Minakari (enameled) is the art of fire and soil which can be done on different metal and pottery dishes. Professional masters of this art are inspired by nice designs of tiles in the mosques and religious places to produce eye-catching designs on pottery dishes.

Most people who live in Lalejin, a city in Hamedan province, work in the field of pottery which can be varied from producing, painting, transporting, buying and selling. All MinaKari (enameled) earthenware products of this city are transferred to different cities of Iran and other countries for practical and decorative purposes.

Minakari Earthenware Products

Minakari Earthenware Products

Some significant products of this art are kept in eminent museums of the world in London, New York and Paris. The delicacy and beauty of these products make them one of the popular handmade products. In addition, their most reasonable price attracts the attention of a lot of people who want to have a collection of this artwork at their homes or offices.

When you want to buy a Minakari (enameled) pottery product, you have to remember buy a dish which does not have any cracks. You should also remember not to put it on the exposure of sunlight and high temperature. There are some products which are made by this art such as a plate, vase, sugar pot, sweet dish, fruit dish, rose water sprinkler, cup and bowl in different sizes.

Enamel Earthenware

Impact of MinaKari Pottery Dishes

Enamel earthenware is made on pottery dishes with some special colors. Isfahan is a famous city to buy the products made of this art with the highest quality. Isfahan is a well-known city in the field of Minakari (enameled) and there are a lot of professional masters who work in numerous workshops with their interested students.

MinaKari of Isfahan is generally done on some metals such as copper, gold, silver and brass. The most popular one is the products which are made with copper. Some dishes such as a plate, bowl, sugar pot and fruit dish are among the most best-selling ones.

Minakari Earthenware Products

Minakari Earthenware Products

The other handicraft which is also attractive to art lovers is the Minakari (enameled) earthenware. This handicraft is magnificent because of its different colors and designs which are taken from religious and floral patterns. Drawing and painting these designs should be done with close attention and concentration because the overall view should be eye-catching for all who take a look at it.

There are various stores which sell the products made of this art around the world and the most popular ones are situated in Isfahan. Also, nowadays by the advent of technology, the number of online markets is increased and people can experience an enjoyable online shopping at home or workplace.

MinaKari (Enameled) Dishes

There are some differences between MinaKari (enameled) on copper and pottery dishes and the most two important ones are the following points. Firstly, the temperature of baking Minakari on pottery dishes is about 100 to 200 degrees centigrade lower than that for copper ones.

Secondly, various colors can be used to paint pottery dishes; while, the colors are limited in MinaKari of copper products. Master Khoshoei, Master Golzari Jamil and Master Sarkhosh are some professional masters of this art, who started and developed it in Lalejin, a city in Hamedan. These skillful masters devoted their lives to develop this art and make people from different places familiar with it.

If you are a person who is keen on various handicrafts of Iran, such as Minakari or enameled earthenware products, you can go shopping online or walk in the malls of Isfahan, Hamedan and some other cities to order whatever you like.

You can also consider this artwork as a gift to your loved ones or as a promotional gift because it has a great look and its price is reasonable, so a lot of people can afford it and it can be bought in bulk. A lot of people consider MinaKari pottery products as a fantastic item to be used in their showcases at home or workplace to bring freshness to the atmosphere.


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