Copper and Pardaz

Copper and Pardaz is a luxurious art of Isfahan and is selected as a great handicraft with a big selection of products. A luxurious art of Isfahan is called Copper and Pardaz which can be bought from different reliable markets. This new Persian Handicrafts product is popular in a variety of cities and regions around the world. You can consider this handicraft as a gift or for your personal usage with practical and ornamental purposes.

Copper and Pardaz Paint of Isfahan

One of the luxurious arts of Isfahan which has a great attention and care of all people is called Copper and Pardaz. This handmade art is a special art of Isfahan which is done on copper. Various shades of azure blue and turquoise are used on the body of red copper to make a fabulous piece of art. Copper which is used to make this handmade art should be strong and thick to avoid damage. A polyester layer covers the Copper and Pardaz product to stop oxidation of copper which results in its strength. This fabulous souvenir of Isfahan is popular among passengers and tourists who travel to Isfahan.

Copper and Pardaz Paint

Raw copper should be made in another dish and after that some designs are drawn and painted on the body of copper. The price of these handmade products is calculated based on the size and the amount of work spent to make this art of Isfahan. It is possible to buy the highest quality and original Copper and Pardaz products with a certificate which shows their originality. Also, it should be mentioned that the price of these dishes are changed because of the daily price of copper.

Copper and Pardaz Paint


Minakari is the main type of art which is used to make the beautiful dishes of Copper and Pardaz. You can think of the excellent colors and designs of this art to remember nature. This exquisite art of Isfahan is one of the popular handmade products of Isfahan which becomes more attractive to people because of the combination of old and new styles. As Copper and Pardaz products are made by a mixture of Minakari and copper arts, it is known as a great option to be given to others as a gift.

Beautiful Iranian Handicrafts

Copper and Pardaz of Isfahan is made by the combination of two handicrafts of Minakari and copper products. Although it is not a traditional art of Isfahan, a lot of people are interested in it. Minakari can be done on various metals such as gold, silver, copper and earthenware products but the most popular one is the copper which is strong and thick enough to be used for making Copper and Pardaz products. People who pay attention to art in their home decoration buy this art of Isfahan to design their homes and workplaces with a luxurious art which has a lot of fans. This handicraft is one of the famous arts of Isfahan which is made by skillful masters who spent their time to create memorable things.

Pardaz style is a painting style which is used to make memorable Copper and Pardaz dishes. The master draws different shapes such as birds, face of people and flowers on copper and after that he/ she adds some designs of birds and flowers to complete the painting. As the colors used to make this art of Isfahan are various shades of blue, the designs and the final product will be a memorable one. In addition, it is possible to have a collection of these handmade products to be put in your showcase at your home and workplace or you can consider them as practical dishes to serve your guests at a party or a special ceremony.

Mes va Pardaz

Steps to Make This Art of Isfahan

Mes va Pardaz is the other name for this eye-catching art. As the main material used to make this artwork is copper and it has various Pardaz paints, people are highly keen on it. In order to make a Copper and Pardaz product, some steps should be passed with a precise attention. They are mentioned below:
• Bending copper in Copper and Pardaz dishes: required copper dishes which are going to be used for painting are produced.
• Painting Minakari and Pardaz on copper dishes: various designs of Pardaz style are painted on the copper dish with great attention and care to make a unique design. The colors used for painting is similar to that which is used for Minakari.
• Rubbing: Copper and Pardaz dishes are rubbed and shined by a special machine. All extra materials such as oil are removed and the surface of the dish will be shiny. This step is really essential to increase the quality of the product.

Copper and Pardaz Paint

• Coating polyester: polyester is used to cover the painted and rubbed dish to increase the stability of the color. Copper and Pardaz dishes can be washed and shined if they pass this step. High quality polyester covers the dish in order to have a better product.
As Copper and Pardaz dishes have various colors, they can be used to decorate a place to transfer the sense of beauty and be grateful of the traditional art and culture of Isfahan.

Copper and Pardaz Paint

Minakari Iran

How to Protect Copper and Pardaz Dishes

Minakari Iran is a well-known name in all parts of the world because of the value of products which are made with this colorful and artistic art. This fantastic art of Isfahan is originated from the art of Minakari and is known as a new piece of art which has found its location among art lovers due to its great colors and designs which can be used to decorate every place. Furthermore, some people think of this luxurious handicraft as a promotional gift which can be given to staff at work to appreciate their help and support.

Copper is a strong and thick metal which can be considered as the best option for making Copper and Pardaz products. One of the most important tips which can be helpful in buying this art of Isfahan is the thickness of copper. The thicker is the copper, the higher will be the quality of the dish which is going to be made. Also, as the color of copper will be changed by being exposed to humidity, a high-quality polyester coating can be used to increase its stability.

برای افزودن متن مورد نظرتان اینجا کلیک کنید

Minakari Art

Minakari art is a special piece of culture which is known as a symbol of prosperous history of Iran. As it is a great handicraft inherited from many years ago, a lot of professional masters of this art work on it in their workshops. It is highly advised not to use these products for cooking because their strength is not a lot but you can take advantage of them for being used as a decorative item because its nuts dish, sweet dish, sugar pot and other similar products are magnificent. The other tip to take care of Copper and Pardaz dishes is to take them away from hit and pressure because their look will be changed. Although it is possible to wash these dishes with water, it is recommended to clean them with a wet cloth; then use a dry cloth to take away the dust. Furthermore, it is better not to use rough materials and strong detergents to clean the surface of these dishes in order to have them for a longer time.

Copper and Pardaz Paint
Factors Influencing the Price

Some points should be considered while buying a Copper and Pardaz product:
• Size: the bigger is the size of the dish, the more expensive will be its price.
• Thickness of copper: the thicker is copper, the higher will be the quality of the product.
• The quality of color and design: the more complex and colorful are the designs, the more expensive will be the price. You need to pay attention to this point that smaller designs which are made closer to each other have a higher price because of the amount of work spent to make them.
• Validity and quality of brand: some brands are highly valid because of their originality and history, so they have a higher price.

All in all, when you think of Copper and Pardaz, you have to consider all mentioned points to buy a product which has the best designs according to the price which you want to pay.


Mes Va Pardaz products are of high value among art lovers and they have various types; such as Copper and Pardaz vase, Copper and Pardaz chocolate dish, Copper and Pardaz sugar pot, syrup service of Copper and Pardaz, Sangab, trophy and nuts dish of Copper and Pardaz. This handmade art is full of various attractive colors to get the attention of every viewer. Buying handicrafts as a heritage of traditional background of Iran is an important thing which has a lot of fans. These days, people buy various types of handmade products, especially every art of Isfahan as a memorable souvenir and a sample of art. Some purposes of buying Copper and Pardaz handicrafts are listed below:
• Ornamental purpose: various dishes made by this luxurious art of Isfahan such as a vase, candlestick and mirror are used to design every place in the highest level because its colors are attractive enough to get the attention of every viewer.
• Practical purpose: as these dishes are strong and thick enough, they can be used for hosting guests in special parties and ceremonies. For instance, it will be luxurious to serve your guests in a sugar pot, sweet dish, nuts dish and fruit dish made by this great art.

There is no need to think a lot about the usage of this product because you can consider it for both ornamental and practical purposes. There are numerous occasions that let you buy this fantastic art. Firstly, you can consider these special handicrafts for your personal usage at home or at workplace. Secondly, you can buy them as a gift for your friends, family members and newly-married couples. Thirdly, some companies and organizations select the products made of Copper and Pardaz to be given to their staff as a promotional gift to appreciate them or to introduce their business.


The colors used to make Copper and Pardaz dishes are azure blue, turquoise and green which are put next to the red color of copper to make an eye-catching view. It is highly advisable to buy Copper and Pardaz dishes from reliable and valid markets to get the most high-quality ones. Nowadays, as the number of online handicrafts stores is increased, you can simply compare and buy your favorite handmade product and save your energy, time and money to experience a great online shopping. You can have the best Copper and Pardaz products with the most reasonable price at BazareMina online Market and receive your package at your address as soon as possible.

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